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Team Building at America’s Grow-a-Row

Why Have a Team Building Event?

There’s no question about the importance in teamwork in any company, and a team building event is the perfect way to promote teamwork through authentic, inspiring interactions between coworkers that will help create a strong and cohesive business unit.

Benefits of Team Building Experiences

Team building experiences help to build on three major areas:

  • High-impact learning and problem solving
  • Team communication
  • Morale and productivity

Internal Team Building

In the workplace, groups of employees can designate a leader among their team members to facilitate team building activities to help strengthen their cohesiveness. Icebreakers and set discussion topics are a great way to hear the thoughts of everyone in the group and to break down any existing communication barriers. Team building doesn’t have to be rigid or strictly structured though. Creating fun events for members to do together is a great way for coworkers to bond with each other. Company picnics, potlucks, or simply all taking a break during lunch to put work aside and talk are great ways to get to know each other. Some companies even sponsor events for their teams out of the office to strengthen their business units. Volunteering is a great way for a team to get better connected to each other and the community!

 A Gallup poll found that 71% of all U.S. workers are not engaged in the workplace. However, according to Double the Donation, nearly 60% of employees who are proud of their company’s social responsibility are actively engaged in their jobs.

 Team Building at America’s Grow-a-Row

A day in the fields at America’s Grow-a-Row is an authentic, meaningful opportunity for your employees to engage with and support each other and their community. In a beautiful, picturesque setting, teams come together to achieve a common quantifiable goal of an amount to be planted or harvested. We find that people naturally help support each other in the fields. It’s getting back to basics: everyone works hard, everyone gets a little dirty, and often people are shocked to learn how much can be accomplished when they work together in the fields.

During an event at America’s Grow-a-Row, teams work together to come up with creative ways to complete the task at hand in the most efficient way. The cooperative nature of the event encourages team members to engage with each other to come up with the best way to reach their goal. Seeing the final result of the group’s effort makes a big impact on a team. Whether a field that was once brown soil is now full of green plants or there are bins of tens of thousands of pounds of produce to be loaded onto trucks – the success is truly tangible.

If you’re looking to connect more in the office, the team cohesion that an America’s Grow-a-Row event fosters outside the office can be extremely beneficial to the success of a business.

Reach out to Julie Rusin (908-328-9945) for more information about a team building day at America’s Grow-a-Row!

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