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On the Farm Education

Volunteers of all ages learn about food insecurity and the mission of America’s Grow-a-Row. They also learn the basics of agriculture at plantings and harvests while they work to provide farm fresh produce for those in need. School groups to the farm may stay for an additional workshop about nutrition or hunger to help the students understand the impact of their day on the farm.

Grow-a-Row Kids Farm Days

At our Grow-a-Row Kids Farm Days children from qualified summer camp programs enjoy a day on the farm packed with harvesting and healthy eating. The kids help in the fields and learn about how our food grows. Kids are encouraged to taste what they have harvested and to try different ways of preparing the produce in our Farm to Fork Kitchen.  Best of all, they contribute to our mission by harvesting produce for those in need, and they get to take home a bag of delicious produce to share with their families.  

Grow-a-Row Education for Kids

America’s Grow-a-Row offers workshops and presentations to schools, community organizations, and after school programs. We teach the kids about America’s Grow-a-Row’s mission, history, and the importance of volunteering in your community. We also teach lessons on specific topics including, nutrition, culinary skills, agriculture, and food insecurity. Lessons take place virtually, on the farm, or at your school or community organization. If you are interested in learning more and scheduling please contact Shauna Alvarez at

Grow-a-Row Education for Adults

We offer education for adults as well! Our team offers presentations to community groups about America’s Grow-a-Row’s history and mission. We also work with health care organizations, universities, and community groups to offer nutrition and culinary lessons for adults. Lessons take place at the farm or virtually.  If you are interested in partnering with America’s Grow-a-Row to offer nutrition and culinary presentations to your organization please contact Shauna Alvarez at