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Many corporations support us in the field, but did you know your volunteer efforts can often lead to company donations? Check to see if your company supports matching gifts and volunteer grants!
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Last year, Matching Grants and Dollars for Doers alone led to $10,000 of support! See the many easy ways your business can financially support America’s Grow-a-Row below.
  • Dollars for Doers – Your time in the field “doing” can translate to “dollars” for America’s Grow-a-Row if your company has this program. See how successful this was for employees of ExxonMobil!
  • Matching Grants – Many companies will match your individual donation dollar for dollar. What a great way to double your contribution!
  • Harvest-a-thon – Gather your colleagues to harvest and set up sponsorships based on how many pounds or how many hours you are in the field.
  • Corporate Grants or Foundations – Does your company have a grant program or foundation we can apply to? Let us know and we’ll get to work.
  • Project Ideas  – Do you have an idea of a project to help support America’s Grow-a-Row? Many companies will support specific ideas like building benches or signs for our farm.

If you are interested in any of these ideas and are not sure how to get started, reach out to Chip Paillex or Heather Mulvey and we will help see your idea through!  Thank you as always for supporting our mission to grow, glean, and give healthy, fresh produce to those in need.