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Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering in the fields with America’s Grow-a-Row is a fun and unique way for your team to contribute to local hunger-relief efforts and deliver farm fresh produce to those we serve in New Jersey, New York City, and eastern Pennsylvania. At the farm, you will create authentic, meaningful opportunities for your employees to engage with and support the community. You can increase your team’s productivity, morale, and cohesiveness and have the opportunity to build a respected brand among consumers. If you are interested please, fill out this group volunteer form. Please direct any questions about holding a volunteering/team building event to Connie Miller.

An impact on your team that extends beyond your day in the fields!

Half of the workforce will not work for companies that do not have strong corporate responsibility commitments.

The new workforce is looking for positions at companies that care about their communities:

    • 76% consider companies’ social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work


    • 75% would take a pay cut to work for a responsible company


  • 83% will be more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to social/environmental issues
*Statistics provided by Cone Communications Employee Engagement Study

Reach out to Jacqui Witte to learn about opportunities to enhance your experience in the fields through a corporate sponsorship.

Learn more about what a day in the fields will look like on our Volunteering FAQ.

If you’d like to extend your team building or corporate social responsibility day, we recommend that you consider a wine tasting after your event at Pittstown’s very own Beneduce Vineyards located only 7 minutes away! For more information, please reach out to Beneduce’s Event Coordinator, Jen, at (908) 996-3823 or and let them know you are coming from America’s Grow-a-Row!

Read what past corporate volunteer groups have said about America’s Grow-a-Row and their volunteering experience:

“This effort has provided an unanticipated benefit for employees – allowing our staff to work together and to get to know each other outside the bank. There is no corporate hierarchy when it comes to hands-on volunteer activities like picking corn and fresh produce for food banks. Volunteering with America’s Grow-A-Row enables employees from different departments, branches and levels of seniority to share experiences and interact on a deeper level, resulting in stronger relationships.” 

 – James Hughes, Unity Bank President & CEO

“Being of service to others and giving back to the community are in the DNA of Prudential and its employees. That’s why several hundred Finance employees and I have volunteered with America’s Grow-A-Row organization for the last two years. With each visit, we harvest more produce than the prior year, knowing that every vegetable picked is donated to individuals and families in need. It’s what makes this organization so special – they provide a valuable and worthwhile service in connecting those who want to help, with those who need the help.” 

Rob Falzon, Executive Vice President, CFO of Prudential Financial Inc.

“For the past few years, we have conducted team building farming events at AGAR. Chip and his team not only do a great job of educating everyone on the needs of the community and how their efforts make a difference, but they also make farming FUN! AGAR is a very special organization providing a much-needed resource as everyone should have access to healthy food choices.” 

 Jeanne Collins, Vice President – East Sales of Quotient Technologies (Formerly