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President & Founder:
Chip Paillex ~ [email protected]; 908-331-2962

Director of Development:
Heather Mulvey~ [email protected]; 973-886-6318

Director of Programming (Education Contact):
Julie Rusin ~ [email protected]908-328-9945

Volunteer and Programming Associate (Volunteer Contact):
Connie Miller ~ [email protected]; 908-328-1364

Grant Writer and Programming Associate:
Susan Kalfaian ~ [email protected]; 908-581-7828

Development Associate and Farm to Fork Chair:
Juls Palmer ~ [email protected]; 908-507-5282

Address and Directions

America’s Grow-A-Row
150 Pittstown Road
Pittstown, NJ 08867

Directions to Pittstown Farm (America’s Grow-a-Row’s Main Location)

From the North: Take I 78 West to Exit 15, and go left at bottom of exit ramp (Route 513). Continue on Route 513/Pittstown Road for 1.8 miles. Pittstown Farm is on the right.

From the South: Trenton area – Take Route 31 North from the Pennington circle 11 miles to Route 202 North. Take 202 to the Flemington traffic circle. Go 3/4 of the way around circle and bear right following signs for Route 12. You will quickly approach another circle. Go about 1/2 around following signs for Route 12. Go about 1/2 mile to another circle. From there, follow the signs for Route 12 and take Route 12 west toward Frenchtown. Go about 6 miles to Pittstown Road (airport sign). Turn right onto Pittstown Rd. (look for a sign for Leon Sod Farm as a landmark) and go approximately 8.5 miles to Pittstown Farm, which will be on the left. Please note, you will make no turns after getting on Pittstown Road. Do not bear right onto 513 when you get into Pittstown; stay straight on Pittstown Road.