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SAAC Volunteers at America’s Grow-a-Row

8/24/2015 3:36:00 PM

HACKENSACK, N.J. – This past weekend the Fairleigh Dickinson Student-Athlete Advisory Committee participated in an afternoon of community service, members of SAAC partnered with America’s Grow-Row to assist the organization in its mission.

America’s Grow-A-Row is a non-profit organization that educates people on the subject of healthy living.  In part, they harvest and populate “food deserts” with fresh fruits and vegetables in an effort to have healthier food options available to communities in which these foods are not easily accessible or otherwise obtainable.

After gaining some insight on this program, SAAC decided to lend a hand at the organization’s location in Pittstown, New Jersey.  For nearly three hours, SAAC spent time picking and gathering peaches to then be distributed at free farmer’s markets in Newark, Canton, Jersey City and Trenton as well as to food banks throughout New Jersey.

FDU SAAC prides itself on making an impact on the local community.  Collaborating with America’s Grow-A-Row resulted in yet another rewarding experience for FDU student-athletes.


“Once we heard about America’s Grow-A-Row, we all decided that it would be something good for SAAC to be involved in and after being there we decided that it is something we wanted more of our fellow student-athlete to come participate in,” women’s golf senior Karly Lux said after volunteering.  “I know we are all looking forward to coming back with more of our fellow student-athletes later this year.”

As a group the Knights picked 2,202 pounds of fruit or 8,808 servings of fruit.  As of August 24, America’s Grow-A-Row – in its history – has picked 3,874,606 pounds of fruits and vegetables.

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