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A Letter from Chip – Hope vs. Fear

September 2020 Dear Friends, The other day I was going through our closet and stumbled upon a book that was presented to all of the attendees at a leadership training conference I attended a few years back. Though I’m usually more inclined to read fictional novels rather than books based MORE>

Turning on a Dime

September 2020 Tristan Wallack, our Senior Director of Programming and Operations, shares some thoughts on this year’s growing season. What a difference a few months make. When I think back to spring, it seems like eons ago. There was so much uncertainty in the world. It applied to every MORE>

A Letter from Chip – The Heart of America’s Grow-a-Row

June 2020 Dear Friends, It has always been my goal and the goal of America’s Grow-a-Row to fill not only the bellies of those facing food insecurity but also the hearts of everyone who touches the program. In these uncertain and challenging times, we know that many hearts are MORE>

America’s Grow-a-Row’s Critical Role in the COVID-19 Crisis

June 2020 by Tristan Wallack, Senior Director of Programming and Operations Unprecedented times. Those are two words we keep hearing over and over. And they are true. Isolation from loved ones, a sputtering economy, record unemployment, healthcare systems pushed to the brink.  And then there is of MORE>

A Message from Chip Paillex, our President & Founder: A War Worth Fighting

March 20, 2020   As constant streams of updates regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) overtake the local news, the major news networks, and social media, an unwelcome yet altogether familiar feeling came over me this week and I’m sure over many others too. For me personally, it was that sinking feeling MORE>