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You say tomato, I say volunteer!

Guest post by Paul Kondo You say tomato, I say volunteer! Recently, I volunteered at America’s Grow a Row, an organization in Pittstown, NJ. America’s Grow-a-Row’s mission is to positively impact as many lives as possible through a volunteer effort of planting, picking, rescuing, and delivering free fresh MORE>

Eating Healthy With What You’ve Got

It was 10:30am and there were around 40 people spread about the dining room, sitting at tables alone or with others, and most likely holding a hot tea or coffee. No doubt in this brutally cold winter, they were all grateful that the Morristown Community Soup Kitchen’s (CSK) dining MORE>

Cooking at Newark Salvation Army

We haven’t started growing food in the winter yet, but we are still busy introducing healthy fruits and vegetables to children around the Garden State.  It takes many introductions to a new fruit or vegetable before children stop eyeing it with suspicion, which makes introducing new fruits and vegetables MORE>

Friendly Food

Sitting at a table in Manhattan’s Chinatown for dim sum, I stared blankly at the the menu. It was in Chinese.The waitress smiled and tried to help by showing us plates of food, but nothing looked familiar. I ate a little from each dish we ordered, though I did MORE>

Connecting in Chaos

On my way to a Blind Taste Test lesson, I get a weird feeling in my stomach that I always get before doing these lessons. How will we connect? What do we have in common? Will the kids trust me? Now, the Blind Taste Test can only be described one MORE>