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Why We Grow What We Grow

If you have driven by our Pittstown farm in the past few months, you may have noticed the vibrant, green sprouts carpeting the fields. This early season green is the winter rye that our farm team planted last fall as a cover crop, and it plays an important role MORE>

The Tale of Three Sisters

This month at our Healthy Eating Lessons in Jersey City, East Orange, and Newark, we featured a stringy type of produce that is yellow. The students loved the recipe we made this month using delicious spaghetti squash! MORE>

Sweet on Sweet Potatoes

As February is the second month of the year and we are following our “Eat Your Rainbow” theme for our Healthy Eating Lessons in Newark, Jersey City, and East Orange, we featured orange produce this month. February also marks the start of our educational lessons at Essex County College MORE>

Eat Your Rainbow

You may have heard the phrase “eat your rainbow” uttered by one of our team members in the past. No, we’re not talking about eating colorful candy. “Eat your rainbow” refers to making sure you eat all of the different colors of produce because they contain different nutrients. This MORE>

Heaven on a Cob

When the buses pull in for our Growing Healthy Kids℠ Farm Days we never know what to expect. Even when we know how many children are coming and how old they will be, we are often surprised by a different number of children and a different age group. The only MORE>