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Volunteer Opportunities

Bring your team out to volunteer with America’s Grow-a-Row! It’s a fun and unique way in which everyone can participate to serve others and make a long-lasting impact on the overall health of New Jersey. You also get to breathe fresh air, get some mild exercise, work as a team, and learn a new skill! After reading the information below, fill out this group application form.  If you want to share the information below with your colleagues, feel free to download and share this flyer.

What does a volunteer outing look like?  When you come out to AGAR, you might be planting, harvesting, or gleaning (rescuing excess produce), depending on when you schedule your event. No prior experience is necessary and AGAR staff are always on site.
How many people can I bring?  As many as you would like with advance planning. We request a minimum of 5-10, but our groups can go into the 100’s for harvesting.
How much time should we reserve?  Usually groups remain busy anywhere from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the size of the group and the activity.  A typical outing might be 9am – 1pm, 12 – 4pm, or 4 – 6pm, often including a meal on site. Afternoon slots are limited (and too hot in the summer!)
Where do we go for our event? From mid-May to mid-June we plant in Pittstown and Milford. We harvest at these two farms from mid-July to October or November.  From September to November we also glean apples in Chester (Riamede Farm) and Hope (Longmeadow Farms). More hands are always needed for harvesting!
What produce will we plant or harvest?  We grow corn, green beans, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, winter squash, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, sweet potatoes, zucchini, apples, peaches, and nectarines. What you pick depends on the maturity of the crop.
Where does the food go?  The Community FoodBank of NJ or smaller agencies pick up the produce from our farms to deliver the food across New Jersey. If you want to designate that the food go to specific hunger agencies in your area of work, let us know!
What should we bring?  Dress for the weather (rain or shine, cold or hot) and dress to get dirty! We recommend that you also bring the following: sunscreen, bug spray, hats, work gloves, and reusable water bottles.
What about the weather?  Ah, the challenge of agriculture!  We can pick in the rain, or we often wait out thunderstorms. We keep in touch as the date of your event approaches to give you ample notice in the event of a change. We do not book rain dates, but we can always try to reschedule if we must cancel.
This sounds great!  When can we come out?  Glad you asked! Just contact Julie Rusin, Director of Programming at  to schedule your event.  We look forward to seeing you in the fields! 

Read what some of our 2011/2012 corporate volunteer groups said about America’s Grow-a-Row and their experience:

“My colleagues and I have had a working relationship with AGAR that has been going strong for the last two years. Over this time, I’ve come to learn that AGAR is a truly remarkable group of dedicated and caring individuals that work tirelessly to make sure that those in need, both in and beyond the communities in which they live, have access to healthy food options.  The work they are doing throughout New Jersey has real, measurable impact on the everyday lives of those who they help.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have the privilege of working with such an outstanding organization like America’s Grow-a-Row.”

-Christopher Oliveri,  EMRE Planning – EMPR Embedded Planner at ExxonMobil

“Thank you for the partnership and your role in making this a very worthwhile, well-organized, and fun event for us.  Many folks are already talking about next year!”

-Robin Hoppe, Senior Vice President at AT&T Home and Business Solutions

“I don’t think anyone would have guessed we collected that much food in a half day… It’s always a good feeling to get out of our offices and give back to the community and perhaps get out of our comfort zone, and your charity allows us to do that in a very direct way.” 

-Tim Knight, Director of Merck Corporate Finance