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Aleta and Barbara

Aleta Lambert

Aleta Lambert – Aleta is a living example of commitment and caring. She works steadily behind the scenes at America’s Grow-a-Row keeping our second garden at Express Lane Farms in good shape. Aleta arrives early in the morning, several days a week, to pick ripe produce for delivery to food pantries. She is always ready to put on her swanky rubber boots and pitch in whenever we need extra help. We’re lucky to have her and her steady commitment to America’s Grow-a-Row. Thank you, Aleta!

Barbara Westgate

Barbara Westgate – When we asked if Barbara would be willing to spearhead our first grocery store gleaning program she immediately said “yes”, as we knew she would. What we didn’t know is just how amazing she would be and how much time she would give it. Barbara organizes a pool of volunteers, backs them up when they are unavailable, organizes delivery and pick-up schedules to food pantries and food banks and works tirelessly to keep the food fresh for recipients. Barbara has developed wonderful relationships with local agencies and puts her heart and soul into making sure that more people get fed with this nutritious produce. Thank you, Barbara!